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Duck Eggs



Linda Dick Duck Eggs

Duck Eggs

We have now been producing and eating our duck eggs for a few years and constantly marvel at the excellent results achieved with them, no matter what their use: omelettes are especially good, sponges are incredibly light and my pavlovas never stick to the paper anymore, although they do take longer to whisk. Master Chef Sue Lawrence makes the most wonderful ice cream with them and some of her suggestions for cooking with them were given in her Scotland On Sunday article about our ducks..

We have often been asked what the contents of a duck egg looks like; someone even wondered if the egg white was in fact green. As you can see from the photo it is actually very similar to any other egg but the white is very clear and the yolk is quite large (this photo has not been touched up the yolk really is this colour)

Although our duck eggs are predominantly white, we do get some ducks which lay blue eggs in various different shades. The reason for this is supposedly genetic; Khaki Campbell ducks were originally bred from Indian Runner ducks, which do lay blue eggs as a rule.

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