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Keeping Laying Ducks

A few years ago I bought our first ducks, three Saxony cross Rouen, point of lay ducks at the local poultry sale; the start of a new hobby! At least that's what it says in the photo album. Little did we know that we would soon be hooked, both on duck eggs and the ducks themselves..

Initially we kept Khaki Campbell ducks - they are well known for their egg producing qualities, however we now keep a strain of white utility ducks specially bred for egg production. Above are some of the Khaki Campbell ducks, they had just been let out of their shed and, as usual were heading straight for the pond. Our new ducks are very calm and friendly and look just like the fictional "Jemima Puddleduck" They are housed in straw bedded sheds during the night and are free to roam the fields during the day. The ducks lay their eggs early in the morning, in purpose built nest boxes placed around their sheds.

The duck sheds are bedded with fresh straw every night before the ducks are brought back inside. At the moment the birds can roam up to half a mile from their sheds, but this is dependant on having no fox problems during the day. It is a pleasure seeing them as they climb high up the hill, as long as you don't have to walk up after them at night - with the Khaki Campbells we used one of our Border Collie sheepdog to round them up when necessary, however these white ducks basically ignore the collie so we now simply shut them out of their shed during the day so that they do want to come in at night for their evening feed.

You can now see a procession of ducks coming down the field when they think it is feeding time. Ducks are incredible creatures of habit, once used to a routine they expect you to stick to it; long lies in the morning are definitely not a quiet option! They expect to be allowed out even in the worst of winter weather, although they do come back inside quite quickly when it is too icy; ducks are not designed for skating!

These are a few of our young ducks (approximately 18 weeks old) which should start laying in a few weeks.

We usually have some surplus ducks for sale. They are ideal for anyone wanting a few eggs and make good pets whether for the farm yard or the back garden they will be quite happy,and can become very tame.

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We have made several dams in a stream for the ducks , and there is nothing funnier than watching them as they splash and dive in their ponds just after they are let out for the day.

We like to think that our ducks are happy ducks!

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